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IT Leadership

At Aureon, we pride ourselves on placing capable, competent IT leaders with our clients.

In today’s business environment, there is an increasing need for highly skilled IT workers, yet capable, competent IT leadership can be hard to come by. This is why many organizations turn to experts who can cut through the noise to find qualified candidates, whether for short-term positions or contract-to-hire roles.

At Aureon Consulting, we understand the need for IT leaders who can drive the innovation and digital growth required to take your organization’s IT maturity level to new heights. Our seasoned recruiters each have more than 10 years experience and have well established networks throughout Iowa and beyond.

When filling an executive IT role, we know how to find candidates with outstanding IT skills and how to recognize those individuals who are great leaders. We understand that managerial and interpersonal skills can be just as important as extensive knowledge of various network environments and IT infrastructure.

We also take the time to understand the unique cultures and values of each of our clients, allowing us to place just the right person in each role. Count on Aureon Consulting to pair your organization with consultants that are already vetted for experience and cultural fit.

Looking for highly qualified IT leadership?

The Aureon Consulting team has experience filling the following types of IT Leadership roles:

  • IT Manager
  • Director of IT
  • VP of IT
  • CTO, CIO
  • Department Leadership
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Aureon Consulting works hard to understand who we are as a company and what we look for in consultants/employees. This has translated into them providing us with great talent that is able to hit the ground running and fit in culturally from day one.

Vice President, IT - Financial Services Industry

Aureon Consulting provides us with open and honest communication and great talent.

Vice President, IT - Financial Services Industry

Finding a firm that can fill your needs at all ends of the spectrum and also allows you to flex and spend smartly, that’s a partnership worth creating and holding on to. That's what we found with Aureon.

Head Crisis Management, Business Continuity - Real Estate Financial Services Industry

Working with Aureon means fewer do-overs and situations where people start and don’t fit in or can’t handle the pace or workload. Aureon Consulting takes the time to get you the right person from the start.

Head Crisis Management, Business Continuity - Real Estate Financial Services Industry
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