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Data Management & Business Intelligence

Manage, connect, and leverage your organizational data with help from a skilled Aureon data management or business intelligence consultant.

Organizations today are constantly producing data, from document creation, to server logs, to IoT records, data creation and the subsequent data storage is inevitable. That’s why it’s increasingly imperative for businesses to hire skilled professionals who can manage and interpret all of their data. Data management and business intelligence (BI) experts who can recognize patterns and recommend solutions that keep your company on top of industry trends and ahead of competitors are not always easy to find, but can be a huge benefit to your organization.

At Aureon, we know that data plays a huge role in strategic planning within enterprises. Our data and business consultants understand the power of BI solutions and how to leverage the latest findings, data, and reports that will help you make better business decisions. Finding the right data can be a challenging process, but from database administration to business intelligence development, Aureon’s consultants will present solid data to help you confidently move your business forward.

Skilled Data & BI Professionals

Our data and BI consultants are familiar with the industry tools and technologies that provide your business with faster and more accurate business intelligence and reporting. Look to Aureon for consultants with a strong data development background and a thorough understanding of ETL processes, OLAP, and stored procedures, as well as reporting solutions like webFocus and Crystal Reports.

With experience in Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases, knowledge of programming languages like Python and Java, and proficiency in Business Objects, PowerBI, and Tableau software, Aureon data and BI consultants are prepared to expertly navigate the task at hand. Aureon experts are excellent communicators who can work with both technical and non-technical teams to connect and leverage data to make your organization more efficient and effective.

Whether you’re a healthcare provider seeking an ETL developer to create data storage for your organization or a financial institution looking for a data warehouse analyst who will recommend data and business solutions, we carefully match the needs of your business and industry with the skills and expertise of our consultants.

Interested in moving your business forward with Aureon data management and BI consultants? Let us help you find the right talent for the following positions:

  • Database Administrator
  • Data Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Report Developer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Modeler
  • Data Architect
  • ETL Developer
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Aureon Consulting works hard to understand who we are as a company and what we look for in consultants/employees. This has translated into them providing us with great talent that is able to hit the ground running and fit in culturally from day one.

Vice President, IT - Financial Services Industry

Aureon Consulting provides us with open and honest communication and great talent.

Vice President, IT - Financial Services Industry

Finding a firm that can fill your needs at all ends of the spectrum and also allows you to flex and spend smartly, that’s a partnership worth creating and holding on to. That's what we found with Aureon.

Head Crisis Management, Business Continuity - Real Estate Financial Services Industry

Working with Aureon means fewer do-overs and situations where people start and don’t fit in or can’t handle the pace or workload. Aureon Consulting takes the time to get you the right person from the start.

Head Crisis Management, Business Continuity - Real Estate Financial Services Industry
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