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Business Analysis

Solve business problems and streamline processes with one of Aureon Consulting's skilled analysts.

The rapid evolution of technology — combined with an increasingly unpredictable business environment — means that organizations must be able to interpret data, solve problems, and modify the way they do business faster than ever before. A reliable business analyst can help organizations overcome challenges large and small.

Business analysts are problem solvers at heart. Their job is to analyze a problem and then define an approach to uncover critical information and propose a solution. These individuals must have great communication skills and, in turn, be great listeners.

At Aureon, our expert team of business analysts is equipped to define, analyze, and document requirements and stories from key stakeholders and subject matter experts. They listen and then help solve perplexing business problems or technical issues.

Types of Business Analysts

From business processes and IT to big data and more, the primary role of Aureon Consulting’s business analysts is to deliver the problem-solving skills you need to move your business forward. Our analysts bring strategic thinking, proactive engagement, and collaborative execution to each project they take on across a variety of industries.

Business Analyst

A business analyst tackles problems from a big picture perspective. They interview key stakeholders, review data, and assess information to solve problems in a purposeful way that can help your business improve efficiency and increase profits.

Business Systems Analyst

A business systems analyst has a deep understanding of computer technology. They research your company’s needs and define requirements for technology solutions, data mapping into systems, and integration areas that will benefit your business goals. They also make recommendations for new software installation and system improvements.

Business Process Analyst

A business process analyst is a specialist in process analysis and improvement. They use reverse engineering to understand what systems each process supports. They then review data and trace how it flows through each system to boost business output.

Let Us Match You With the Right Talent

Skilled Aureon business analyst, business systems analyst, and process analyst consultants combine technical know-how with excellent communication skills. They work with you to assess information, solve problems, and fine-tune processes.

Your success is our success, and our well-versed analysts will use their communication skills and real-world expertise to help move your business forward.

Interested in finding the right analyst for your team? Let us help match you with the right talent for the following positions:

  • Business Analysts
  • Business Systems Analysts
  • Process Analysts
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Aureon Consulting works hard to understand who we are as a company and what we look for in consultants/employees. This has translated into them providing us with great talent that is able to hit the ground running and fit in culturally from day one.

Vice President, IT - Financial Services Industry

Aureon Consulting provides us with open and honest communication and great talent.

Vice President, IT - Financial Services Industry

Finding a firm that can fill your needs at all ends of the spectrum and also allows you to flex and spend smartly, that’s a partnership worth creating and holding on to. That's what we found with Aureon.

Head Crisis Management, Business Continuity - Real Estate Financial Services Industry

Working with Aureon means fewer do-overs and situations where people start and don’t fit in or can’t handle the pace or workload. Aureon Consulting takes the time to get you the right person from the start.

Head Crisis Management, Business Continuity - Real Estate Financial Services Industry
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